Oh My Gawd Becky: Soft Vore with Sophie

Soft vore with Shyguy9's dragon character Sophie. Digestion, stomach noises, throat bulges, and full tour.

Oh My Gawd Becky is a 6 page soft vore comic featuring Shyguy6's always hungry dragon character Sophie! When some bratty club rats make fun of Sophie's size, they learn first hand that it's never a good idea to mock a dragon who can swallow you in one gulp.

This is a little different from what I usually draw so be warned! It's soft vore in the sense that ladies are swallowed alive and squirming -- no chewing -- but there IS digestion. It's full tour vore, as the kids say, with a comedic, non-explicit toilet episode at the end. Lots of digestion noises and throat bulges in this one!

Sophie is copyright Shyguy9 and appears with his permission. Thanks, Shyguy9!

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